From My Tumblr post..

The Return..

Its been so many years since I stopped posting my rants over the internet. I guess I succeeded in moving on with so many things that I thought I can’t do. 

I still have communication with Ethan my internet love affair. But not the same as before and we rarely communicate on a daily basis. We both have different life that we wanted to focus on and were still single. LOL. We occasionally talk but not the talk talk we used to have. I am enjoying my busy day to day life –working. And I guess he is busy and enjoying whatever he has right now.

I somehow realized that moving forward is something I should take and adults do this all the time. I am now officially adult I can say.. taking serious decisions and thinking carefully pf my decisions.

I will try to blog as much as I can because I wanted to share my everyday struggles and everyday experiences. I know someone out there have the same situation and I am willing to share my world to everyone!


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