The Struggle..

Since Saturday I couldnt find any decent food not just because im picky but because simply im out of funds. 😦 

Yes, I said to myself that I will not allow this kind of things to happen. But sadly it always hunts me down no matter how hard I try.

What should I do differently to avoid this.. I dont know yet! I’m still trying to work and pay for my bills every month. Sad life! This is my 4th day and havent eaten what I want. I been eating corn from the can and mash potato from a packet. Pretty good to stuff my tummy but still have the feeling that it wasnt enough… 

I did not report from work yesterday because Im too lazy and I dont have any centavos on my pocket. So I choose to stay at home.

I’ve been watching all the movies listed on solar and most of them are boring.I have no choice; most of the time this is my alibi but I do have a choice! I am iust afraid to take it.. 😏

I will be back with my usual thing tomorrow. Hopefully I can keep it for longer than I could ever imagined! Wish me luck! xoxo 😘 


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