The Lights..

I survived the week without falling apart and I’m totally okay! Got a delicious food yesterday and was awesome to feel that I’m still alive!

I always rants and nothing is new about it.. It feels so good to let all your frustration and be better after! Just don’t hurt anyone else right?

I met a guy online; he is friendly, charming and young. No emotional connection just pure chatting and trying to annoy him. He is my hero for the month, I admit! He continues to entertain me in all his bullshit story about life and my shitty life as well.

I think by doing this occasionally help myself to forget things –that bothers me. 

Thought I still have that tiny little hope that Ethan… Would somehow.. or Realizes that Im still waiting…

I am not ready to revisit the past and I am just being hopeful. >.<

Today is a great and somehow helps me to be more positive in every action I made.


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