The Flashback

I am writing this while am siting on the toilet. LOL

Anyway, to start the story I was back then hunting someone on facebook and I know this is ridiculous.

I was trying to find someone for my sister and ended up that I was the one who is more interested with the guy I found. So typical right?

So, I flirted with and took the bait. He was so handsome and the tattoo geeez it so masculine.

Since I was not a good and so expert with flirting the conversation gets boring. But he gave the effort I wasn’t expecting. Maybe he was contemplating whetever he will try or he is just too nice.

We been talking over the internet without seeing each other. I mean video chat so just a simple hi hello’s and a little chitchat. For 3 years I kinda know something about him. Sometimes he is too sweet and sometimes just being so nice..

Until he found a new girlfriend. I know how cruel it can be seeing him with another women. The next thing I did is deleting him on my friend list and blocked him. For a year havent seen him or heard about him. Until I saw him on instagram.. I dont know what hit me but I added him; knowing that it was all hopeless.

Guess what after 2 minutes he added me as well. Funny thing is that we never say anything just glancing to his photo and trying to figure it out if he is single.

Based on the post he did since the last time we talk? He is single. I thought it is a great opportunity to ask him how things going but something is holding me back.

But that thought didn’t last long. After 3 months I finally make a moved. Yes, I admit I was do the first moved and I am always obvious that I like him. Fucked that shit!

He is the same person I know, so friendly and being nice. It gets weirder because I’ve told him that I guess February is his birthday. Guess what? I got the correct answers and not just that I gets weorder but triple the weirdness by validating the exact date. Oh wow I completely messed up and gained the weirdest person in the universe. Hows that?

And now im reading my emails and something pops up that he just recently posted something on instagram. I am getting this urge to ask him again how are things going but 80% of me says forget it.

And I am still fighting the feeling of not bothering people who are not interested with me!!! Im such a loser.

I hope if some is reading this you can rnjoy laughing at me 🤣😭😅. I know I’m such a freak!


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