The Monday Blues

Yes! Its freaking Monday morning and need to work again. I’m not in the mood to work, in fact I’m thinking of quitting my job. Nothing but stress and stress is all I can get from working at night. I was so inspired last week thinking that life is so easy but the truth is I’m having trouble dealing with so much shit.

Excuse the word but yes I’m having a hard time. How I wish I can find a way out. At this age I dont have my own family. I am still thinking that I’m not mentally ready for it though I want to have a child of my own. I hate my brother who constantly dont give a shit with us. He is nothing but a parasite who suck blood and leave after taking everything from you.


I was about to post everything but suddenly  I felt that maybe I am too negative about the things going on with our lives. Till next time…


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