The Detachment 

Detachment from the world I live in…

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I rarely read my horoscope as I noticed it’s a complete joke. Today while Im reading my horoscope I am stunned with the findings. That I could get caught up with day dreaming and yes it is 100% true. During the weekend I was feeling so happy because of false assumptions.

I’ve been stalking Andy (I know such a creeper) for the last 2 days and trying to find something out of nothing. Why? His Facebook doesn’t have any update and I been checking him if he is online. The worst part is that I was also checking his girlfriend’s Facebook account. Then I saw something very weird apart from me that you can consider as a psycho. Lol

So, while browsing her photo I found another guy who is with him. I thought he was Andy because of the facial hair but looking at the previous post that she did… It is not Andy at all. Let me dissect the situation hahaha

1. The color of his facial hair

2. From the previous posted they have the were “in a relationship” and now it is not visible.. I might be wrong on this one

3. She and the guy are both on the photo and made as her profile picture

4. My boss made a comment saying they look sweet and adorable but Andy have never like the photo compare from the previous post

I am assuming that they already broke up and made me feel so happy. I know thats totally wrong but for me who is wishing to be with him makes my day complete.

To make the story short that horoscope was a total hit for me. I been day dreaming the entire day and hoping to get the chance to talk to him but so caught up with my work. But it did not stop me from thinking how good my day is by just thinking of him.

I feel that I need to do something but half of me saying dont push my luck. I might get hurt at the end of the road. 😦

But really I still have that small chance in my heart and saying keep hoping… omg im so hopeless 😩.


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