Daily Thoughts

The Day you Messed-Up!

I was so drained yesterday and I’m so lazy to think of anything. Though I still have the “day where you feel awesome, that you know you have something for that particular person”. -but couldn’t exaggerate it.

Today, same feeling drained and a little happy. Then I went home checking on my phone saw Andy! He is online, say something stupid and now I’m totally regreting everything! He did not reply I dont know why, maybe it is a sign of “dont bother me outside work”.

Sometimes I forget to read between lines. I have no filters and I am just being me. Sadly it happens today. I didn’t consider it as Holy Thursday, it just pop-up in my head.  Saying Do it!!! Do it!! Do it!!! And this dumbest of the dumbest did not think twice! Grrrrrr 😩😫😵

How can I work with him tomorrow when everything starts to be awkward!? Dang! Instinct are not always reliable…

I guess starting today my infatuation died at this early. I was kinda wishing that he could say at least “happy birthday” on my birthday. Now I totally died. -_-


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