Daily Thoughts

The Wishful Heart

I was frantic the entire day because I am trying to avoid Andy. As much as I can Avoid him I am doing it. But my mind still works the other way around telling me that Andy is indeed avoiding me.

I mean they have the visibility to choose who they wanted to talk to but I think he opted not to choose to interact with me. Too many things running on my mind but I am glad to say that I remain positive through out my shift schedule.

I will be dealing with Andy’s department tomorrow and hoping we dont see each other. Its better that way and I dont want to feel the he don’t like talking to me. That’s going to ruin my day. 

I found happiness in a little things and gladly someone is happy to see me. I will just focus on that instead of feeling sorry for what happen. Aiming for positivity throught out the week.

I need to accept reality sometimes eh 🤣


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