Daily Thoughts

The Reverse

I was planning to have a peaceful weekend and I have told my self I’m not going to talk to anyone.

I sure indeed did not talk to anyone. But daydreaming of the person that constantly popping to my head makes me crazy.

I admit I like him. But that like has no possibility of turning to what I really like.lol

I was hoping I can catch him over facebook and try to message him. But at the back of my head it says that I need to hold my thoughts. So I did! I keep thinking what he is doing.. 

I stalked him again by visiting his Facebook page and nothings new. Except that he is always with his mom. I checked his girlfriend and I am pretty sure they are no longer together as he already deleted her on his friend list and I was in shocked!

Maybe he is still hurting and I remember last week they are still friends over Facebook. But who the hell knows! I really wanted to take the opportunity to talk to him but I guess this is not the right time. 😩😩😩

So while doing that stupidity, I fell asleep and dreamt of him. It was kinda frustrating and unbelievable. Like what they say if you dream something it will always happen the opposites of what you dreamt of.

My dream started by going to his house, he is so different. An old lady approached me and said he is the one that I will taking care of. I need to do this and do that for him as he cant do it by himself. (sounds fun to me)

I was trying to get to know him in my dreams and he is very arrogant. We knew that we work together before and he was surprised that I am his personal nurse. (I am too)

I walked outside as someone from the living room is laughing. Saw a lady saying that I will need more patiences for Andy. I said I can do it as long as he would allow me to do what is right. The lady said if you will wait for thay nothing is going to happen, you must take over.

Omg!!! It’s like the thing I imagine lol! So the story on my dream shifted to ghost story. I was about to go home and someone from the living room show up with a white color smoke. Trying to scared me and said he needs Andy.

Whaaat?!? So I went home and ask for help! The help I got was so unrealistic and they wanted to kill the ghost. I saw my sister and saying he fell in love with Andy’s co worker and I was total in shocked! How did that happen, am I thinking of my work and Andy to much?! 😒

The person who knows how to kill the ghost said that we need to gather all the employees and tell them to have shave their beard and take a massage. We need exta strength to kill the monster. I was like what?!??

So they did took Andy because he can’t walk and he was so mad that I need to suggest the craziest way to kill the ghost. Then the ghost show up and said “you can only kill me on my birthday written on my bag but you have to find it” checked the date. His birthday will be after 2 days and I am afraid that he will take Andy.

I told everyone and they are wanting to tale down the ghost and until my niece woke me up. Lol

I did not see what happen but my dream is totally laughable. How I wish I can be the nurse of his life. Lol

And im begging my dearest Lord if he can greet me on my birthday.  I really hope he will! 🤣🤣🤣


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