Daily Thoughts

The Monday Delights

I was not expecting that I had an awesome day at work. Though, the workload is unbelievable I managed to stay positive throughout the day.

I was reviewing on of the cases for escalation and saw that Andy reviewied the case. He noted the list of things needs to produce but not clear what type. I was contemplating to email him directly to clear things up but I never got the chance. 

I asked assistance to there department and in my surprised he was the person I am going to deal with. I asked him for his opinion on the other case we are handling and after that I asked him if can clear things up with th previous recommendations he has but he refused.

I sad that’s fine, I may need to asked assistance to someone else. Then when I asked from someone else he also notice that Andy mistakenly input the information from our previous chats which way back April 1st. How could he missed that and where the hell he got the information from the previous conversation. 

I was thinking that they have tracker in which they can checked from time to time. However, it is weird to know that he will copy that for a case that is so already old. Anyway Im trying to overthink what happen becuase I like the feeling that someone is thinking of you even if they are just a dream.

I am still hoping that he will great me and talk to me. I know the chances is 90% that he will not care but I still have that 10% of hope that he will care. I hope and I pray that God will help me. Help me to find my happiness in life.


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