Daily Thoughts

The Recall 

I must admit that this week is my favorite. I have no sign of stressed and just going with the flow.

The other day I was able to enjoy my shift as I am shocked to get to know someone else other than Andy. I am much more calm and no longer in to him. 👏 👏 👏 

I must admitted that im still smitten with his aura and how he thinks. I will always be I guess but nothing I can do anymore. Whatever we have should stay that way. I am still wishing that he will great me on my birthday 🎉 it will make my day!

I met someone from the same department and I am amazed that he was trying to get to know me. Maybe I’m just assuming things but the extra efforts he put in is 100% impressive 🙂

I wish I can find the perfect person for me and I hope I can find a peaceful birthday. 


Today it’s different and the guy I met is a certified professional who can understand technology better than me. It’s funny that I start questioning him with his findings and flip from the orginal resolution he wants to happen. I have no sweat when asking favors. I always gets what I want and I like the feeling. Too bad he is far from me.. 🙃🙃🙃


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