Daily Thoughts

The Fools

Felt like it’s April fools day. I am literally stressed and drained wtih my work. I have to deal with so many things. Talking to Sham totally affects me. 

He is one of the people who work with Andy. He is a complete definition of asshole! I cant believe the effect that he did during our conversation and I was not prepared at all.

I wish I can stay away from him. For good! Andy in the other hand was awesome and help me throughout the day. I know what I feel for him will never be mutual. I just need to secretly like him. The guy I met who is very helpful as well suddenly has a changed of hearts. I dont know why but I will distance myself from him and I dont want to create any complications towards our work place.

I realized that I may not get the wish I always wanted, to get a greetings from Andy for my Birthday. Finding someone will need to be set aside because at this point I’m thinking nobody is intended for me. 😌😌😌

I could be wrong but I am too old to wait for someone out there for me. I just hope and pray that my Birthday will be as awesome as Andy’s looks and perspectives.

Help me dear Lord! 🙏🏻


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