Daily Thoughts

The Aftermath 

I had to go back to my work after having a one day rest. I wasn’t that happy and I don’t feel like celebrating my birthday. Maybe because I’m lonely or maybe I felt lazy that I will be having my monthly period. 

I thought a wrote something on this blog but I didnt see anything. Maybe I’m dreaming because I am half asleep when I got home.

I am happy to go back from work but not too excited. Did not receive any greetings from Andy. Maybe I am just having hallucinations when I felt different about him.

I am lost and I feel so pathetic! I could not do anything to make myself happy. I admitted that I am longing for love and  for affection. It’s been like 10-12 years since my last relationship. Every people I get attached I feel that they like me or something I will create on my mind and then hurt me at the end. 

I should stop believing that someone is out there for me. I should better myself and accept myself instead of asking acceptance to others. I should put my heart in this endeavor and make it happen.

I should move forward!!!!!!

I just want to share how pathetic I am and how horoscope eat my beliefs.

Sidling around! Someone did this today and apparently I related it to my horoscope. Sometimes we built this belief subconsciously and think horoscopes are real. 

I could be wrong but I am starting to doubt that horoscope is a total BS!


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