Daily Thoughts

The Anticipation 

I always do this to myself -hurting. I always assume things will happen despite the truth is already shouting out loud.

I sometimes feel that I do this for entertainment and keeping me move further than I thought. Hurting myself is so brutal but where could I get inspiration? From others, maybe but helping you realize your stupidity will always help you in a long run. And only yourself can tell how far you can go and stay.

I really want someone I can be with and have my own person. Person who can make me happy all the time. Who doesn’t want that idea?

I enjoy talking to someone, the person I met from Andy’s Team and he is so nice. But something changed after the good conversation we had. Anyway I will always be nothing as I always assume things. However, it would have been so fun if both parties are on the same page. 

I am still wishing and hoping that my prayers will have answers and someone out there is waiting for me. 😘😍😋


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