Daily Thoughts

The Busy-bee

I was busy today at work. I have not had the chance to do anything aside fixing things for other people. The entire night my back is hurting so bad. I didnt get enough sleep before going to work. My mind is working against me. I cant help but overthink the act he pulled last Friday. I maybe thinking too much that someone likes me but I cant help it. 

I assumed that Danny likes me in the sense that he was able to share things in his little way. However, he is too kind to me and the trust he puts on me is remarkable. I dont know why I doubt that part but I dont know why he should trust me.

I really want someone that is design and meant for me. When would be the right time to meet the person that is only for me? Would this too much to ask? I am getting tired of waiting. Please see me now. -_- 


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