Daily Thoughts

The Contemplation

I was thinking to much and I cant sleep properly. As I am thinking of someone constantly even if I don’t intentionally want to. (Would you believe me?lol)

I always have the urges to talk to him even if my query is nonsense. I feel pathetic and happy at the same time. Teasing someone is one of the greatest feelings. He is super nice that he is willing to stay and wait for the result. Maybe I am just assuming that he likes waiting but the truth is he dont like it at all. I dont know anymore 😦

He is Danny one of Andy’s colleagues and we are more comfortable talking than before. Maybe we are just being too comfortable with each other as he would like to know few things about our country. All I can say is that he is super nice to me. Staying on queue and ditching most of our Team as quickly as he can is something unusual.

I been thinking of him since last Friday because we had that conversation that he was teaching me things about work. Then talking to him this week feels more different. Maybe this is just in my head but what I feel is different. I dont know 😦

I am going to try to talk to him outside work and see how it goes. But I am contemplating if I have to do it as he can do it by himself if he wants to right? This is the part I am negatively thinking that he is just a nice person that I am overly thinking that he likes me. 😂 

Maybe he likes me in the sense that Im also a good person. But far cry from liking me romantically. I am now thinking that I am so pathetic. Hahaha 

I want to sleep and I cant sleep why????? ☹️


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