Daily Thoughts

The Stories every Friday

I don’t know whats with Friday but something interesting is happening all the time. 

I was not expecting that were going to talked as I was trying to hide the entire day and yesterday. I email him the other day, asked for his recommendation since we are working on a same project.

He admitted that he confused me and he was sorry but not directly sorry for insulting me. Maybe he was not trying to insult me but just making a statement. I dont know what to think anymore as our thoughts is scattered. -or my thoughts is scattered as I never had that conversation before with him.

Yesterday, I was stuck in a meeting and so many projects that I was trying to close. When I got back from a long hours of meeting, I run a quick spot check if all of my work is done. But I saw someone from my colleague asking for my assistance which I forgot to do. Reading the first sentence from his notes makes me realized “oh dear I need Danny on this one”  😑

Checking the time it’s almost 7 in the evening and I dont know if I can reach someone from their Department as it’s almost the weekend.

I was like, okay let me discuss this issue and  then say good bye after he provides recommendations. But it didn’t happen..

He was like telling me that he will be gone for a week. If you will think, why the heck he tells me all that? Is he expecting for me call him or ask for his help? Or he was just being a nice guy? I don’t understand.

I am happy for him but I dont get the point of telling me that he will he on a vacation when everything we discuss is about our work. Am I that trustworthy in terms of telling someone about something or is it a way for him to tell wont bother coming this time as I am not available. 

It is so difficult to understand. 🙁 And I even ask him if he has a child and corrected me that he has no kids. But puzzled if he is single. 😂 

Should I ask him or not? I dont know! Please make him realized at least this week that I like him and we can talk about it hahahaha


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