Daily Thoughts

The Mix signals

My weekend is officially over and need to work again. I may sound like I am so exhausted but believe me I like working especially if I am waiting for someone.

It might not happen but I believe nothing is impossible. On a second thought, I dont know where do I got this idea and feelings. Sometimes part of me is saying its impossible and I should stop expecting but other part of me telling me to fight for it.

Sometimes Danny is giving me mixed signals and I don’t know if I am giving that to him as well. I am frighten to talk to him when he gets back because I am too afraid that he wont share anyhting. In fact I dreamt of it and hoping its not true. The worst of the worst is that he dod not try to communicate with me. Maybe he wants to be alone for awhile as he said he will talk to me few weeks from now.

But I dont think he meant it word for word. I really hope that as time progress he will be in touch and more communication we will have. I really missed the chat, honestly!

Please dont fade away so quick and give me a chance to be happy at least for 2-3 months.


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