Daily Thoughts

The Intoxication

My day started just fine and work load is a bit light. I was busy answering emails and sending reports until I heard someone from a distances that Danny is back.

I can’t hide my happiness on my face and I stood up just to check if he is there. Saw his name and though it just a name I feel a different. Happy is the only word I can think of…

My co-worker is currently working with him. They thought that mentioning my name to him would somehow make there lives easier. So they pretend that I say Hi and Danny says “tell her I say hello :)”.  Feels weird but entertaining. And then, Danny makes everything complicated till both of them gave up.

The case I am saving for consulation was in jeopardize as Danny may think I am just doing a way to get to him which is kinda true is someways. I am not scared to tell him if he will ask me. But I hope everything goes with the plan.

My heart beats so fast when i was trying to ask assistance and I got someone else from there Department. Which is given me a such a relief. Then something came up that I have to go back as needed. I was so nervous and couldn’t think of anything. He said that he is busy and he was talking with different peoples. I assume is that he was trying to get rid of me.

So I continue asked the things I need and I had it. Then vanished, I didnt know he was askinh for something. I was too afraid to see his reaction and how he will end the chat so I ignored him. I was too late to see that, he was asking something. I am happy though that he is interested in my thoughts.


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