Daily Thoughts

The Strained 

For the past days I became so aloof with the situation and started to feel that I am no longer excited. Why do I have to feel this things? So Manic.

I know he might be thinking differently, that he dont even care at all. Well it’s obvious but I am denying the facts that I am  too blinded by the truth. 

What is the real truth? Am I imagining things or just interpreting his action in a different way. I don’t know anymore, I am totally confuse 😐 

My feelings are swaying everywhere, that seems like no direction at all. I am longing for love and affection for a long time. I am so tried reading horoscope, waiting for my stars to bring the light of hope. But instead life is not offering me any good. Hopesomething  bright and shiny will happen in few days, months and even years.

I am negatively takings things today maybe because of the things I dont want to hear. Plus I am too tired following the task That needed to be done. 

I was reading my conversation with Danny earlier and no matter how I read it still sounds that he is questioning me and being unsure why I am talking to him. I feel pathetic and disappointed to myself of course but what can I do. I am just a poor girl looking for someone. I must admit that I am stressed and I forget to focus on our goals. I must stop!


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