Daily Thoughts

The Survival Mode

I decided not to communicate with Andy’s Department or Danny’s as I had enough of disappointment for the past months.

I been thinking of doing it till Friday.. challenging myself and having the discipline. I can’t deny that I consulted them today (there Department) and I’ve  actually talked to Danny the only thing is that he dont know that it was me. I used my co-worker log-ins to get details from them.

As much as possible I would like to stay away. I will just find a away to ignore them and focus on my main task. This is going to be hard on my part but I am hoping for a success. 

I will come back if needed but for now let me hide and gather my thoughts again.

I think I am starting to like him and I was too attached that I though it was the same feelings. I did not ask him about feelings, I just based everything on how he treats me or maybe I am too assuming.

He likes telling me stuff and I don’t understand why sometimes he treats me differently. I am lost and I dont know anymore on what to believe. I only know that I like talking to him even if we only say Hello.


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