Daily Thoughts

The Weakness 

I was so tired today. I can feel my shoulder’s getting tighter by minutes. Maybe becuase of the workload I have and it is never ending. 

For some reason I have to admit that yesterday was a failed mission. I told my self that I prevent myself in reaching assistance to Danny’s Department as I am trying to avoid him. Though I used different name when I needed their help. Today it happen again and I needed to use my name. 😦 

I can’t avoid them but I was praying so hard  that we dont bump into each other. I thank God for helping me to fulfill this request. We had an encounter yesterday but he dont know that it was me. Our communications only through chatting as they are working cross the world. 

I was one of the people who needs to represent our people to get assistance from them. So I have no choise but to perform my job. Working directly to people whom you adore is quite difficult. I have never imagined that this day will happen. Where I have to move one step back. Today, its my second day of trying not to get assistance from Danny. Instead of not talking to there Department, I am now playing the game of hide and seek. 

I wish I could have this space where I dont get attached that much to anyone from my work again. I must stop this and make my life more meaningful. I dont deserve this kind of treatment. I missed the small talk but it is just a small talk and I dont know what to do.. 

I heard today that he was in a hurry and didn’t want to do small talks anymore. Maybe that was needed and  he was not in the mood. 😦 I am still not looking forward to do small talks too. I had enough of heartache for the past weeks and I think that’s enough.

I hope tomorrow I will be no longer needing to communicate with him. I dont know what to do anymore and I need to get a life. 

Does he ever think about me? Does he tries to search for me? Does he try to communicate with me? Does he likes our small talks? If all the answer is no! I dont want to know anymore. 😑


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