Daily Thoughts

The Demand

Today I can finally say that I failed! I did not last for 3 days in my freaking challenge.  Its hard to do it when you know its needed. I had to engaged with Danny’s Department as we are losing options and no one is being  helpful. 

To make the story short we did talked. Aloof and scary to start the conversation but I know he was trying to be polite and helpful. I need to give him that credit because he is the only person who gives me option in all the dealings. Things will only change if he is not in the mood. I guess.

I was able to have a small talk with him and I know he was a little happy. I can tell because he is throwing jokes and our chat is always lengthy. I dont know why but I feel that I making it on purpose. Maybe but I dont know sometimes it’s difficult to tell. 😑😑😑

I would say that this is the last day. And I’m taking my early off for the week. I hope my perspective in dealing my shit over work will somehow change. I hope that I can finally let go of this feelings and never gets too attached with someone again.

I learned my lesson and I know I need to move forward. Enough of the drama and expectations. Move further and away from Danny lol 😂 

I hope my job will no longer requires me to deal with them and just be independent. I hope 🤞 that in the future I can find the right person.



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