Daily Thoughts

The Adjustment 

I am starting to embrace the fact that having constant interaction with Danny would fade soon. I believe it will I am just adjusting from the events that I could not explain the reason.

Maybe I was waiting for acknowledgement in terms of someone will pin point that yeah you look like you are falling for him. I think I am but romantically I would say not. 

We have to know each other first before doing such conclusions. I have been trying my best to stay away from him as much as I can becauae I dont want to end up being a loser.

I must control my actions and I dont want to regret everything. I will always believe that God has a perfect timing for everything. Dont you?

I was able to open up this situation to my colleague, this is to allow me to understand the situation we have. If I am being too assuming or exaggerating things.

She made me realized that everything is something or anyone can have. I mean, I have to know if he is doing the same conversation we have to other people and if he is that extra nice like he does to me.

My conclusion for that is he loves his job and he is willing to solve everything. But the questions still remain the same WHY?

  1. When he randomly said that he will be on a vacation
  2. When he put so much effort in resolving issue on our projects 
  3. When trying to be funny
  4. When asking me questions that are not related with work

But, he never ask anything about my wants. Freaky and scary!

My co-worker thinks that he might like me and I should keep engaging with him to know the difference but I thought I alreay know enough.

I am just on a stage where I begin to deny the facts. I should not feed my mind with this conclusion and I will never make it. I wish him good luck and I hope we will jot create any complications towards our job.

xoxo 😘 


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