Daily Thoughts

The Confirmation

Working on a stressful environment makes you a little agitated. I can’t breathe and I feel that my space is crowded. Took few minutes to get a fresh air and at least helps me to feel a little okay. 

Tried to be more positive the entire shift and I have been trying to focus on my pending paper works. My co-worker Leila is trying to annoy me as she keeps on mentioning Danny. I can tell that she is so amazed with the story I shared. I am now askingvmy self why the hell did I told her. 

I am a little sad that she perceives things differently but I don’t regret that I asked her opinion. At least I was able to realized things bits by bits. I had to consult a project to Danny’s Department, when asking assistance to them you get random representatives and sometimes you end up getting Danny.

So we dis talk casually and he never fails to helped me. I thank him for that, the 2nd time that I need to consult another project I got him again and he started asking questions. I realized that I dont have to hide from them and instead start dealing with everything. It’s for my benefit and it will make me feel more equipped with knowledge and power. 

Maybe I am just overthinking things about the two of us. I must stop thinking that way and start living a life. I partially admit that I am smitten with the attention he is giving me and I am not inlove with him.

Todays event somehow helps me to realized the things I was denying to myself. We are professionals and we should act like professional.

xoxo 😘 


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