Daily Thoughts

The Tummy Ache

I’m in pain for almost 18 hours and I feel that I am so dehydrated. I am trying to chug  a gallon of water to rehydrate myself. I hope I wont pass out.

Today’s work is kinda light but my temper kicks in. I just can’t stand anymore how they devalued us just to be praised by our bosses. I am thinking that my job is not for me and I should not work in that kind of environment, where they only focus on their personal interest.

So, I tried to focus and channel my anger to a different things. I was able to do something different today and I was working with Andy. He is a little playful today and I like it! Makes out lives easier by seconds. I also talk to Danny about a project and he is giving me a hard time. This is like 3 times in a row! But what can I do..

Trying to focus on something different and I worry that I might get heart attack. I’ll try to be healthy as much as I can and hoping I make drastic change!


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