Daily Thoughts

The Thoughts I hate

I did not expected that I can do it inspite the urge that I still wanted to push more nd more. One thing I realized is that I surelly want attention more than anything. Going in a relationship with someone is difficult in so many ways. I am still thinking if thats what I want or just being lonely. 

I cant share anything from my daily life because I am doing the same thing. I am hiding from Danny and being busy with my work. I get the chance to meet other people and somehow its fun. But whats next? Getting attach to someone I dont know that much? What wrong with me huh?! Freaking ridiculous.

I need to focus on myself and do some changes! Physically and mentally to divert my crazy mind into something better. I have to put everything in behind and focus on myself. I should stop wishing for myself I should start a move! Sunday thoughts makes me crazy… 😜


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