Daily Thoughts

The State of being Disappointed 

I had goodday if I did not pushed hard in resolving someone else problem. I am trully disappointed that Danny just said something that is hurtful and unacceptable. I feel that partly It’s my fault but the way he reacted is not good.

I will focus on my duty and will study more about what he said. I might need it in the future and I dont think I still have the affection after what happen today.

It bothers me so much and even in my sleep it keeps playing that hey I messed up! I can’t accepted what he said and I must admitted that I became more relax that I forgot that I almost crossed the line.

Lesson for today: stop being friendly and get into the busines pathetic me! 😑

Daily Thoughts

The Rough Road

It’s been a few days since my last writings. I been busy with work and getting pissed with someone who is very confused of her identity that attacked my Mother for now reason.

I wonder how she can sleep at night with all the allegations she was trying to imply. Oh well, moving forward my day at work was good but not awesome. I enjoy the days where we only play and talk. Since it’s Memorial Day we dont have to work and we just need to rest! Yippeee

Daily Thoughts

The Confusion 

Since I was not on my right mind last Friday, I did not see the craziest conversation I pulled out. I mean the way he care and like to helped. I maybe wrong with all my interpretation and whether it’s real or not I cant do anything about it.

The line is still there and I am just amazed how they remember me as me. I hope in the coming days life will be easy and amazing. ☺️

I hope I can find the right person for me and if I was given the opportunity to choose that would be awesome 👏 

Daily Thoughts

The Repeat 

I told myself that I would not do it again. But hell yeah I did it again and again. The feeling is different though but I care less than the previous act I did.

I will try to remain positive this week and hoping I still have job and able to complish my mission. 

I really wanted to travel and I dont know if this is possible but I am claiming it that I will have it!

Daily Thoughts

The Sudden Changes 

I was about to end my week with excitement not until I got the news from our Manager that we need to cut head counts, as our Company can no longer afford to pay employees. 

Though I am not part of the set of people that will loose their jobs but that news is very unfair. Nothing is fair in this world I agreed, but this news came too early for them.

I was in the middle of the discussion about the case I am handling. And I am talking to Danny, I assume that we will have a good conversation but it end up having misunderstandings about the case. I was really excited to share the story about our country and it all vanished after the bad news.

I hope my mood will changed and I hope everything will have an answer.

Daily Thoughts

The Contemplation

I was thinking to much and I cant sleep properly. As I am thinking of someone constantly even if I don’t intentionally want to. (Would you believe me?lol)

I always have the urges to talk to him even if my query is nonsense. I feel pathetic and happy at the same time. Teasing someone is one of the greatest feelings. He is super nice that he is willing to stay and wait for the result. Maybe I am just assuming that he likes waiting but the truth is he dont like it at all. I dont know anymore 😦

He is Danny one of Andy’s colleagues and we are more comfortable talking than before. Maybe we are just being too comfortable with each other as he would like to know few things about our country. All I can say is that he is super nice to me. Staying on queue and ditching most of our Team as quickly as he can is something unusual.

I been thinking of him since last Friday because we had that conversation that he was teaching me things about work. Then talking to him this week feels more different. Maybe this is just in my head but what I feel is different. I dont know 😦

I am going to try to talk to him outside work and see how it goes. But I am contemplating if I have to do it as he can do it by himself if he wants to right? This is the part I am negatively thinking that he is just a nice person that I am overly thinking that he likes me. 😂 

Maybe he likes me in the sense that Im also a good person. But far cry from liking me romantically. I am now thinking that I am so pathetic. Hahaha 

I want to sleep and I cant sleep why????? ☹️

Daily Thoughts

The Busy-bee

I was busy today at work. I have not had the chance to do anything aside fixing things for other people. The entire night my back is hurting so bad. I didnt get enough sleep before going to work. My mind is working against me. I cant help but overthink the act he pulled last Friday. I maybe thinking too much that someone likes me but I cant help it. 

I assumed that Danny likes me in the sense that he was able to share things in his little way. However, he is too kind to me and the trust he puts on me is remarkable. I dont know why I doubt that part but I dont know why he should trust me.

I really want someone that is design and meant for me. When would be the right time to meet the person that is only for me? Would this too much to ask? I am getting tired of waiting. Please see me now. -_- 

Daily Thoughts

The Friday

I wasn’t expecting that I will have the chance to talked to Andy’s co-worker. The one who is so kind and gentle to me. I must admitted I am pretty pumped with the conversation. He said that He enjoys talking to me and I’m like what? So inappropriate to tell me. Where is the boundaries we have? I thought I am talking to my Superior!

I enjoyed it as well and I dont want to get used to it because I will definitely expecting for it. I want to have someone who really cares about me and how my day goes. What interest me and what makes me laugh. When could be the day I can have that? Please Lord give me the right person. 🙂

Daily Thoughts

The End where I Begin 

I can say that I am totally okay with what’s going on with my life. Though love life remained the same and I still have nothing. It is hard to start again and begin to realized that I am not in love, I am just longing for affection.

I tried to played it cool with the other guy and surprisingly I am no longer attached. I think I am stepping little by little to forget him. The only thing my problem is talking about them all the time. I know people are sick and tried of my story but I can’t help it. Maybe I am still on denial and hoping this infatuation will eventually leave me. 😌

Daily Thoughts

The Oh-kay kinda day

I have succeeded of not allowing myself to be attached to Andy. The desired I had with him is getting less compare last last week. Maybe because I knew that we are no longer have the chance. Even Andy’s co-worker who is so extra kind to me and friendly I begin yo distance myself.

I think it is better that way for me to move further and to be more happy. Just like before everything turns this way. I like the feeling of being love but this is not the kind of chasing I wish to have. I am looking forward that I will meet the right person.